Outline Font sans-serif


Hi, I’m looking for a sans-serif font, style ‘Open sans’, with an ‘outline’ in the family. Thanks…


Hi, there are heaps of free font sites in the web. I always get mine from those websites.
Just google it, you won’t look for long.


Private joke: a drawing outline…? :wink:


Ha, this is not what l’m looking for. Plenty of outline fonts, I need a font (sans-serif) with regular weights but also an outline in the ‘family’, like there is a ‘helvetica neue bold outline’. I keep looking…


I’m searching for you and…not easy to find…my god… free, nothing.
A good address for original fonts (but not outline sorry): https://usemodify.com/

I’m searching…


Heaps of fonts on there
And here


Thanks. But for what I try to achieve I need the whole family, style ‘open sans’ …
See project, hover over: "Wij werken op maat van de klant!! (this is Helv Neue Outline/Normal Bold)
Unfortunately this will not work on an iPad, as there will not always be a link with the button. I need to rethink it…


Think outside the box helps for me


And with this tips & tricks?


yep, this is also a possibility… I’m still thinking about where I want to go ;-))


I’m experimenting with this, it’s promising … Nice catch :smiling_imp: