Outside the regular box

Hi Guys,

is there a way to add some content (a little box with text) outside of the main site to the left or right sidebar? Similar to the wide box which is outside the regular box?

Thanks and regards, c.

@Carola, At this stage of Sparkle we can’t place anything beyond the limits of the fixed-width breakpoints, aka devices. You can do it with CSS but you’ll need to know what you are doing.

Any plans for the future @greenskin ?

Sorry @Carola, that’s not my call. I’m a user like you of Sparkle, and loving it! :slight_smile: Or are you meaning something else?..

hi hi hi :joy: I’m sorry @greenskin, thought you’re a sparkle man :rofl: Happy and sunny week, c.

@Carola, I am a “Sparkle-Man” he, he, he! :slight_smile: All good… I guess I’m here a lot but happy to help out where I can! I will most certainly have a happy week thank you, but 700km north of me Australia is burning and we haven’t even hit Summer yet! :frowning:

Wow! Australia… on the other side :earth_asia:

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You are definitely a “Sparkle-Man”!
With more than 200 posts created here you have helped many, many people with your widespread knowledge, also with your HTML “tricks”.
Thanks a lot for that! :+1:

Off topic:
I read about those terrifying fires in Australia. Stay safe, all of you in “down under”.

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@Shadowfax, Hey thanks for your kind words! :slight_smile: Really appreciated!

Down in Tasmania… We are in the safer part of the world where man-made global warming hasn’t taken hold yet, where mainland Australia is cooking and now out of control burning! They are warning Sydney and surrounds to prepare for “catastrophic” fire conditions tomorrow! :frowning:

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True here is the hell and we burn all :wink:

Hallo Carola, ist deine Website (Trainer etc…) mit Sparkle gemacht ??

Ja, ist sie :relaxed: