Overnight Site - a landing page to sell landing pages

My latest design, this time, for myself! www.OvernightSite.cc

(Note: checkout is not complete yet, I just finished this landing page a few minutes ago.)

Nice look and design, I like the backgroundvideo at the beginning

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@WebRoyal, Not bad at all. You can’t even tell it is a Sparkle made, and it “funnels” me to take action with solid emotive script! :slight_smile:

Could I make a suggestion regarding the hero video… With the larger screen I’m looking at a man’s crutch for nearly the all length of the video so I’m wondering if this is intentional? If not I’m thinking it feels out of place with the rest of the page’s theme. And don’t forget mobile!

So 24hrs! That’s putting the pressure on you! :slight_smile:
Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Sorry to say, but it lacks personality. It just screams too much. It unfortunately doesn’t convince me. If you want to stand out, I challenge you to come up with something more original, different.

Not trying to take you down, just giving you stimulating feedback.

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Mobile users are redirected to www.overnightsite.cc/m

Thanks for the feedback! (Video is intentionally like that. I think users need more crotch in their lives.)

Great site, well done! The video is great, as well as the parallax effect.

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Thanks @dirk! Appreciate the feedback.