Page Background - Fill Colour changes colour of all text/form elements

I am in 5.0.5 (pro) and had the background colour of my pages at 70% black.
Upon saving, exporting (and reloading the app) all text on all pages were suddenly 70% black. (greyish).

Had to spent 10-20 minutes checking every single text line and make sure those were white.
Pretty sure it must be a bug, has to be… will try to reproduce asap.

Many thanks!

Hi @Dbrusse, and welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Did you at any point “Copy Style” an element and then “Paste Style” to another same element?
With Sparkle you can go to the previous saved version and if that saved version wasn’t right then you can go back in time with Sparkle and find the version before the issue and reinstate it. You can find this under File / Revert To.

Thank you for your fast and smart answer :slight_smile: I did not use copy/paste paste. It happened only when I saved the file, and re-opened it. And even if I would copy a style… it should not replace ALL elements’ primary colour (of all pages)

But I do think you are close… maybe changing the fill-background somehow overwrote the primary main text colour?

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I think I found the issue.

I select a button and am in ‘Style’ sidebar.
The button has an image, but the image should only be shown on hover. (ps: any way to give hovers a multiple colour gradient, not just two colours?)

I change the background colour of the button to white.
Some text and boxes also got white.

Hope this helps and if you need more info, feel free to contact me at all times!

Your fan, Daan

Knowing that it was a bit of an inconsistent behaviour it might still be best to let @duncan know about it on, giving a good explanation in what happened…