Page Coming Up As Code

Hi Everyone!
One of the pages on our site was working for a few weeks and now it is just coming up as code (first picture). Is there something I should be checking in our settings for that specific page? Thanks for the assistance!

Mmmm… Checking your website I have no code coming up.
Are you sure you haven’t called up the “Page Source” of your website page?..

I confirm to also have code coming up on your website/staff.
Using Opera Browser. Testing chrome with the same result. Code.
I have no idea, what you were able to do, I must admit.

Kind Regards,

You have removed the file extension, or perhaps the website import feature in Sparkle has removed it, but your web server does not send files without extension as html. The result is the browser shows the plain text of the pages.

To fix that you need to add back a .html file extension on the file names, in the page inspector. Unchecking the “custom filename” would also do that.