Page description inspector

Hey everyone,
How can I insert bold text in the page description as per picture?


Don’t think you can :frowning:
But even if you could it wouldn’t matter

@o4n, That’s not possible. Your page description is metadata the search engines uses and it isn’t style-able for that reason.

What is your reason for doing it?..

Thank you both, I was thinking to insert a couple of bold keywords to make a visual
impact to get more CTR…

Something like this actually, must be a way to do the same …

Hi o4n.

What have been your search terms for this?

Google recently announced that they will also start bolding the answers to questions in the search results . Though it may seem like a small thing, Google’s plan to bold answers in search results has some marketing implications that business owners and website developers should keep in mind.

Mr. F.

Yea that’s actually keywords that you’ve searched in this specific Google search. Try any other word to see it.

Hello Mr_Fozzie,
that was my search terms… makes sense …
Thank you.