Page files automatically saved as .php instead of .html

I am new to this so please bear with me. I publish several sites. All my sites, bar one, save page files with .html extension and consequently publish with extension .html. One site saves page files automatically with the extension .php and consequently publish with the extension .php. This applies to all pages including the Home page.Is this O.K. or should they be .html. If they need changing - how is this done?

Sparkle introduces .php in a couple places but not every page so I don’t know what could be going on with your project. You will find the php extension on the Thank You page that a successfully completed form goes too. Also the Blog Index page uses the php extension.

It might be best to contact Duncan at

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Thank you for replying - I am going to try a couple of things first but will then do as you suggest. Appreciate your help.

I have managed to correct the site. All pages now publishing as .html. I deleted a colour background block that was repeated on all pages and that solved the problem. I then reinserted a new block of background colour repeated across all pages and no .php published but .html as wanted. Cannot understand why that should happen but at least problem solved.