Page Length Change Affecting ALL pages. Please help

My apologies for the myriad of questions of late!

As I’ve repeatedly explained, I’m rebuilding my blog in Sparkle. I have one page that has VERY LONG tables. No issues there until I realise my lengthening that page affects all the other pages too. Please help! How do I make that page longer to accommodate the long table (boxes) without lengthening the other pages?

Thank you again for all your help and input. I’m sure there’s an easy explanation but I can’t figure it out.

@jazzbird, Ok need to know that you are on the one device or you have several devices and the lengthening of the page is affecting the other devices or the pages in that one device you are lengthening the page?..

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Thank you @greenskin (again!). I think you’re my lifesaver here!

It’s on a fixed layout on the one device.

@jazzbird Ok, so I think if you were to select all your footer elements and group them and make Visible “Show On All Pages” and then under Arrange / Placement / Follow Footer (tick). Then you’ll find that the footer will stay stuck to the bottom of your web page and not affect all the other pages on the device because they will work independently of one another…

That will allow you to independently shorted or lengthen individual pages on the device…


I would be lost without you! Thank you so much @greenskin. You’re the BEST!!!

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