Page length Issue


I have enable all five device layouts, and I found out that the mobile page is making my 960 &1200 page length extremely long. Every time I scroll up the page to normal position, as I open the smart phone layout (without making any editing), the 960 & 1200 page length becomes long again. I’ve tried “follow footer” and check every hidden elements. It keep happening whenever I change to the other device layout.

I was wondering if there is anything i can do to fix this.

Thanks in advance!

@Yeatsssss, Yep I know this can be pesky, but the likely cause is that you have an element under the footer layer bumping out the length of your page. If you go to the eye-icon (top left of your Sparkle canvas) and turn it on it will reveal any hidden elements on your page.

Yes I was wondering if any hidden element is causing the problem, but it didn’t show any hidden element, I also used “select all”. I was able to move up the footer to the top, it changed back if i open another device layout.

@Yeatsssss, Oh ok…

Have you introduced any elements on your smaller breakpoints? Because your mobile pages are so much longer so if you introduce elements (without hiding them on say the desktop breakpoint) then your footer will blow out to what you are describing…