Page Transitions

I would like to make a suggestion for next versions of Sparkle. I really think that how content is displayed and shown on a page gives the viewer a sense of context and awareness. I think page transitions could allow us to make things more fluid and less pop. Also sometimes some images take some time to load so it would be also a good feature to have a loading screen that would react to those loads. Things to make a static site more fluid and natural.

Which page transitions are you thinking of specifically? Do you have a link to examples or relevant coding articles?

Maybe just simple fade, slide right/left and the other way and fade with white for example. I don’t know if I’m explaining.

I understand what a transition is. I’m just wondering what existing website has those and what technology they use, to better understand what you have in mind. Do you have examples?

Here are some

Hello :wave:t2:

The transitions on the first site are easily achievable with Sparkle animations. For the second site, if you’re still talking about page transitions, they seem to require a long loading time… I’m not sure that’s a good thing for the visitor. :grin:

A bit off topic but within the examples given, but… I would love to see “partly off screen images” that flow horizontally across the page when interacted with! :slight_smile:

Yeah that would be awesome as well