Page wider than the screen - horizontal scroll

Hi everybody

concerning my new site I was told it was wider than the screen and permits horizontal scrolling. Is this browser-specific or can I prevent it. On my androyd 11 phone I noticed that in the first section of I can zoom out, so that the pages are less wide than the mobile screen.

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That is strange @arteventura… I don’t see any horizontal scrolling going on on any of the devices when I looked with Safari. Could it be a browser specific issue but then whoever told you maybe could let you know.

thanks Flaming, I will ask the person more details.


Yes, there is something wrong with the mobil page.

Galaxy S20 with Android 12: scroll a bit down to be in the main content. Then do the 2 finger shrink motion. You will see that there is a beige background. The content is now on the left with 25% of the screen.

Any hidden or invisible elements there?

Mr. F.

exactly, that is what happens…
As far as I know, it is NOT possible to have invisible Elements OUTSIDE the canvas…
…I do not see any

On my smartphone i can not check the source code (Chrome browser).
Is there a video icon on the beige background (your screenshot with the scaled-down content)?

Mr. F.

yes, but this was only when I was saving the effect on a video
there is no element on the canvas

Hi Mr_Fozzie

I let you a LINK

here you find only THIS page with the problem

thanks a lot!

Well, I can only speculate.
There is a very big gap between “Layout block 10 Copia 18” and the footer element “BL footer Copia 2”.

Maybe this is the cause.
It only seems to occur on Android with Chrome. Strange.

Mr. F.

well this is NOW because I took out everything to make the file smaller
in order to not send you a huge file (the whole web is 599MB)

Well, i think your file needs a “Master Examination”.

Mr. F.

Maybe it is another one of those Google Chrome glitches?