Pages sidebar suggestion

Duncan: I downloaded Sparkle 3 today and like what I see, but I did encounter an unpleasant surprise. I ran the SEO check and saw the recommendation to use more robust page titles. I went through and changed those.

Because the page title is used as the page identifier in the sidebar, those identifiers are now MUCH too long to be useful in the sidebar.

Would it be possible to add an option to display either the page title or the page filename? It would be much easier for me to find the right page in the sidebar if it had the shorter filename under the thumbnail instead of a portion of the long title.


Be careful with the SEO tool. It can be dangerous. Use it as a guide, not as a checklist.

Sparkle’s page management is already problematic without long filenames. Keep them short.

Google does not care about page/filenames. Google does look at the title ON your page of content, but focuses much, much more on your content. Your content will override everything else.

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Agreed, also for menus. We’ll figure something out.

At least on menus I can change the item label, which I was typically doing anyway.

In this context it would be useful to have a flexible width of the sidebar, so you can stretch the space for the visibility of longer filenames.