Pages that Go On FOREVER

I hope someone can please help me!

I just started to finally make my site mobile friendly. The first few non-blog pages seemed to go okay but when I got to the blog, oh blimey! Every time I make a change the page seems to lengthen and go on forever. I then have to drag the footer/end back to where it should be but it takes ages to do. And then all the other pages go crazy and lengthen as well. I’m too scared (and frustrated) to touch it now.

What am I doing wrong?

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I had that problem as well. It is because the text field in mobile is larger then on your desktop.
Just change your vertical to 2000px and you are ok again. That is the fastest solution I came up with.

Thank. you @swedutch! I just tried changing the vertical to 2000px as you suggested, but no change. I’ve no idea what to do now.

Is this on 3.0.8? That looks like a bug, but we have never reproduced it. You can double click the page bottom divider to make it shrink to fit.

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Hi Duncan, yes, This is 3.0.8. I double clicked but it got longer.

This can’t really be solved without looking at the project file. We also need to reproduce the issue to fix it. Please send us the project file in a “fixed” state, and a step by step list of how to bring it to the “broken” state.


Did you click on the 6 dots at the very end? That should work.
Or do you have some hidden content at a lower position?

Mr. F.

Yes, that’s what I clicked on and the page actually got longer! Oh dear…

Shall do Duncan. Thank you. It may take a few days as I am only working on this in the evenings bit by bit.

I may have spotted a clue …
Being a person of very little brain (to quote Winnie-the-Pooh) it had never occurred to me to double click on the dots at the foot of the page!
So I tried it and I was delighted to find that my page shortened perfectly.
Until I got to the third page which didn’t change.
In fairness, it didn’t get longer which is your problem, Jazzbird, but it didn’t shorten like my other pages did.
After a bit of experimentation I clicked on the eye icon at the top (“show elements not visible on this device”) and lo and behold, there was a menu which reached down to the exact point where the dots are.
When I shortened the menu, double-clicking shortened the page to the new menu foot.
Could the solution to your problem be something to do with an element which you can’t see on the mobile view?


I have the same issue… I lock pic and text, save the work and next thing I know when
I go back to continue my work, the page is not the way it was when I closed Sparkle.
It’s a bug or we have not enough info on hands to guide us.

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Thank you @Brian_Smith. I tried your suggestion, but alas, I’m still left with extraordinarily long pages. I feel like crying as I just can’t figure this out and I’m not able to update my site until I can fix this thing. It’s so awfully frustrating.

I’m sorry you’re having this issue too. If you do figure it out, please let me know!

I strongly suggest you get in touch via email, sending your project file. Nobody here is likely to be able to help.


I add this problem once, just scroll your copyright banner up where it should be, then double click on the dots at the bottom of the page and it will move up just below your copyright banner.

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Thank you @Frenchie. I’ll give this a whirl today and report back.