Parallax questions

Enjoying Sparkle and moved on to my Parallax features. I understand the process, but I’m having trouble with positioning in the 960 variant.
I move my parallax pic, but sometimes upon moving it’ll bump another image up, even though the images are on different layers.
My question is how do you gauge where to plunk that parallax image. Many thanks.

Perhaps you can expand on your question a bit showing a screenshot?

Thanks Duncan. Yes. Notice on the first image “fixed in window” is not checked. The Parallax image is the image below the head image.
The second image the “fixed in window” is checked and the parallax image has moved upwards. Im not sure why!

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 2.26.04 PM|690x497

Sorry. Here is the first image. I could only upload one image.
This screenshot is the UN-CHECKED version

I think the issue is the image frame is larger than the image, and the image is not set to stretch, so the image only fills the area it needs.

But in “fixed in window” mode, the image is positioned relative to the browser window viewport, the image frame is like a cut-out hole through which you see the underlying image. This causes it to occupy a different portion of the image frame, in the specific combination of window size and image frame you have there, it uses most of the available area there.

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Thx Duncan. I think it may have to do with layers as well. At least I can see the difference now on preview. I’ll have to play around with this until I can get it right.