Password bug or am I doing it wrong ?

Can’t select group for who is allowed to se a image when logged in.

The user in the test group can’t login at all, strange. If I move the user to the default group he can.

We just released 4.0.3 which includes a fix for this.

Yes I see, but it wont install. :grimacing:

Same here, 4.03 will not install

Sorry, it’s fixed now.

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Still issue with user in group test can’t log in.


Works perfectly.

We need more information: are there users assigned to both groups? This is done at the user. You can’t see it at first sight. You have to scroll a bit in the right part of the window.
After creating users and groups, was the page republished?

Mr. F.

Yes, each group has a user attached.

It takes two steps:

The whole page must be password protected and visible for all groups after login.

Then a single element (image) can be set visible or hidden per group.

Was this done?

Mr. F.

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OK, I forgot to select the other groups, I will test it now.

It works. Thanks for the suggestions for me ‘dummy’ :grin: