Password protection question

I have a family website protected with a password, which works perfectly on line.
I save the same website as Offline Compatible to show it on my Mac, but the php don’t open in any browser. How can I check out a saved protected website other than online? Do I have to save a copy that I first unprotect?

PHP is a server-side script and not something that your iMac uses.
You could use something like Xampp or Mamp that instals a local server environment.

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Thanks FF for your valuable information.

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The most straightforward solution is to publish to a secret/hidden/staging URL on your server (say or whatever), and check it out there before publishing to the real/live website.

Thanks Duncan. I would do that, but the problem is that I have a slow and unreliable internet connection. That’s why I would like to have a working copy in my computer.
I was looking at the possibilities that FF was suggesting, thought that it was more complicated than creating a copy of the pw protected website and un-protect it, as it only has three long pages.
At the moment that is the easiest solution for me.

Of course it came to my mind, if, when saving as “Offline Compatible”, Sparkle could automatically remove the copy protection, as this version shouldn’t be published online anyway. Just a thought … or a suggestion.

Offline compatible is not meant to be a previewing mechanism. Arguably it doesn’t mix with PHP and it should refuse to export. But removing the access control could potentially be a very bad surprise for some.

I second @FlaminFig’s suggestion to use MAMP, it’s free, easy to install and exporting the normal website straight to the htdocs folder will make it instantly available locally on your Mac:

Thanks, will check it out.
Just curious: What is the idea behind “Offline Compatible”?

Some Sparkle customers use Sparkle for things like kiosks, showing a website in an embedded device that’s not online.

This was more realistic in 2014, these days web tech and even Sparkle assume running from a server.

Many people certainly use it for previewing the file locally, but since the offline compatible mode removes the optimizations that only work when the code is delivered by a web server, you should not publish it.

We work hard to ensure consistency between Sparkle’s built-in live preview, offline compatible and regular optimized code, but there can occasionally be a difference. So if you want to be 100% safe, using the final real optimized code is the only “preview” solution. If you are just looking at the general behavior and layout of the site, the built-in preview should be good enough?

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