Password Protection: sharing account


Here ‍the ‍body ‍of ‍the ‍sharing ‍email ‍is ‍constructed ‍by ‍entering ‍the ‍“{name}”, ‍“{surname}”, ‍“{email}”, ‍“{username}” ‍and ‍“{password}” ‍like ‍this ‍in ‍curly ‍braces, ‍that ‍will ‍be ‍replaced ‍at ‍sharing ‍time ‍with ‍the ‍corresponding ‍account ‍information ‍fields.

I like to send the field “additional information”. What’s the secret word for this? Or can it not be sent to the user?

Mr. F.

Right, there is no way currently. I have added {info} for 4.0.4, when that comes out.

Thank you. No hurry. I have to do more tests to use this tools “in style”.

Mr. F.