Password Protection - Tutorial

Hey you all,
I’am so very happy that this new feature “password protection” is available now. I have an online-training-class where this is very helpful.
I went through the documentation but unfortunately and honestly I do not unterstand how I can create password protected pages. A tutorial in form of a little movie or an expample page to get it as copy and paste would be great. Is there something available?

Thanks a lot and have a great day, carola

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Hello Carola.

What have you tried so far with the password protection?
Or what seems to be the problem?

It is not as complicated as it seems.
Do you have a test site available where you can upload a few pages not publicly? You should then experiment in it.

Mr. F.

Hey Mr_Fozzie,

I would like a complete section with customer login with all the different things I want to show a group of registered customers only.

I created this new section with one page called eTRAiNER Member (etrainer-member.php) which I marked as password protected and I do have a page called Kunden-Login.

My question now is: Where do I have to put in the password, customers have to use? In the Nutzeranmeldung?

Gehe zu den Einstellungen, Kennwortschutz
Überprüfe die Domain, die angezeigt wird.
Evtl. muss diese in „Allgemein“ noch angelegt werden.

Dann zu Benutzeraccount bearbeiten
Füge einen einfachen User mit einem simplen Passwort hinzu
Leider kann man dieses Fenster nicht vergrößern, so dass man
(a) Bei den Usern horizontal scrollen kann
(b) Für weitere Infos vertikal scrollen muss
Setze den User aktiv

Go to the settings, password protection
Check the domain that is displayed.
Maybe you have to create it in “General”.

Then do Edit user account
Add a simple user with a simple password
Unfortunately you can’t enlarge this window, so you can
(a) Scroll horizontally for users
(b) Scroll vertically for more info
Set the user active


Mr. F.

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Juhu, it works Mr_Fozzie :heart_eyes:

Now the next question: I do have to add every single customer with eMail and Name in the field Kennwortschutz, right? And if I did this, I have to click the “Diesen Account teilen” and send him an email with the login-data, right?

And how do I add a group with several customers?

Yes and yes.

And how do I add a group with several customers?

I would not recommend to make 1 login for multiple users.
Create the groups first (as easy as creating users).
Then add as many users as you like and assign the group or groups they belong to.
You need to scroll in the right half of this window all the way down to see this.

Mr. F.


YOU ARE FANTASTIC :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you very much for your exorbitante great help Mr_Fozzie :pray:


And you can go even further and address the user personally after successful login.

For this, the required data must be entered for the user. You insert a smart field, for example like this:

You can play with it even more and hide content of a page for a group, but leave it visible for others. Nice toy.

The “forgot password” function is best done with a form, because the server can’t do that. You then send the information back out of Sparkle.

Mr. F.


I already played around a bit with the email form. It is great! And the idea with adding a form for the “forgot password” is brilliant. I will do this :clap:

I am also a data protection officer and attach great importance to security on the Internet.

In the additional information (user profile), I would store a kind of security response that has to be entered in the form. A word or a number, perhaps. In any case, something that cannot be guessed.

This might need a 2nd step by mail. The user should provide this. So he/she can remember this.

If everything is correct, send him a new password and a new security response.

One more hint: For the login you don’t have to use the newly appeared page “User Login”. However, it must exist and be published.

Login forms can also be added on any of the website pages, but a standalone login page needs to exist: it’s where visitors will be sent to authenticate, if they access a restricted page or asset.

An elegant solution would be to put the login form in a popup (modal / lightbox) and open this popup when a button is clicked. Tested and it works fine.

Mr. F.


Thanks for all the help.

So I got this right that there is no way that users (or customers) can create their own account with login data, right?
I have to add each one manually.

Is that correct?

Thanks for the help!

That’s not a goal for Sparkle’s password protection feature at this stage. The purpose is to be able to offer to a small number of people access to sections of the site. It could be members, clients, friends, relatives, etc.

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That’s what I thought.
Still, very useful and much appreciated!
Thanks for having it included.

Greetings, Is there a way I can simply give a different password or code to each of my members that will take them to their own personalized page?

That’s not currently possible.