Pasting/Importing a Pages page into Sparkle

It sounds, and probably is, simple, but I can’t fathom out how to get a a page from a Pages document, with multiple fields, pictures and links across onto a Sparkle document.

The original multi page newsletter starts life in MS Publisher (!), and I’ve got access to it in pdf (understand all the problems here) and Word format, and I can get it into mac Pages successfully with all the individual fields etc.

But I can’t solve how to do a bulk move into a Sparkle page, usual drag-&-drop doesn’t work, and Import is all about existing web pages.

Any help out there - please ! Thanks in advance.

I think the simplest way is going to be to copy/paste elements individually.

Duncan, sadly I feared that may be the answer. But thank you once again for being so prompt in offering advice etc through this channel. Sparkle remains great software, and the ongoing support is a shining example for other developers to follow.

Copy/pasting a whole Pages or Keynote layout would be great, but I’m afraid it’s going to be in an internal format just like the files are.