Pasting to the back

Can anyone help. I have a site with multiple sections. I have created some elements which I want to appear on each page of the section. No problems so far. I have grouped the elements and sent them to the back as I want them to pass under the header on the page which is static and fixed to the top. The problem is the only page they go to the back on is the page I actually send them to the back. All the other pages in the section they remain on top. I have over 150 pages so it becomes a lengthy process each time. If I add an element, I have to send to the back on each page.

Have I explained myself clearly? Thanks for any comments!

Hi @scoutdesign, sorry about the trouble. I can confirm that currently that’s the behavior and there isn’t a workaround.

Hi scoutdesign,

Try this and see if it works:

Assuming your ‘header’ is shared on all pages, or all pages in a section, turn off share on all pages or all pages in the section, then turn it back on again.

In most cases this will make your header go to the top of the layer hierarchy on all pages it is shared on.



OK well that worked. Thanks Chris. How on earth did you find that one out?

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Since Sparkle introduced the wonderful layers panel I have always worked with the layers panel open. The layers panel pretty much shows you what’s happening on your site while you work.

In general, the last item you add to a page is always on top of everything else. Utilising the layers panel as a visual feedback mechanism I deduced the turn off shared items and turn on again…

I could explain more but now you know that the lightbulbs will start going off for you in many more ways.

So basically, when possible, keep the layers panel open while you work and your efficiency will skyrocket as you see what’s going on with items on your page.