Paying for 3.0 Pro License via Mac App Store

I purchased a license to Sparkle 2.0 via the Mac App Store. Currently, Sparkle 3.0 does not show in the Mac App Store. (Running High Sierra).

How can I purchase an upgrade to Sparkle Pro 3.0 via the Mac App Store?

The AppStore generally takes some time for the released versions to spread worldwide. Just a little patience.

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Okay. Thanks.

Once the app appears in the MAS, will it be possible to pay for the 3.0 Pro upgrade via the Mac App Store?

Yes, of course.

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Looks like it’s available here.

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Yes. Here as well. Just paid the upgrade price for Sparkle Pro 3.0.

Note the “Beta” ribbon on the app icon in the purchase window. Is the 3.0 app considered to be in Beta, or is that an old graphic?Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 1.17.54 PM

Unfortunate leftover. Fixed in 3.0.1.


What are the developer tools mentioned in the blog?

There are opportunities to insert PHP and HTML code into the header of your pages, insert code as an inline element within text, as well as the opportunity to link to external CSS and JS files If you purchase an additional $99.00 license to unlock these features.

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I updated it on AppStore then upgraded it to Pro 3.0 and started playing around. For some reason the AppStore upgrade process isn’t working for me. I’ve upgraded it like 3 times now (subsequent times show I’ve already upgraded). It says upgraded but won’t let me access the functionality (like the eagerly anticipated blog). Am I doing something wrong?

Yes, Sparkle 3 is in the app store, but if you notice all you get is an “OPEN” button. This means, no upgrade to Sparkle 3 in the App Store if you already have Sparkle 2.

I purchased the upgrade to Pro (v3) for $59.99, and it shows up in my Apple purchase history, but the app is not recognizing it. It’s still showing my license as Sparkle Pro (2.x) I did this inside the MAS version.

Clicking Restore is not helping to recognize the purchase.

Is this a bug?

Where did you get to pay? The app store doesn’t offer a way, did you use the Sparkle web site?

Aha! No, you cannot upgrade from Sparkle 2 to Sparkle 3 in the App Store!

To upgrade, run Sparkle and select “Sparkle” -> “Your License…” from the menus. A large text box appears. Select the license you want to purchase, and the Apple App Store password entry pops up. This works fine, but you don’t get to it via the App Store.

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I guess I’m confused by how you mention that “you don’t get it via the App Store”. I updated to Sparkle 3 in the Mac App Store app. I clicked on the license I wanted (Upgrade to Sparkle Pro 3), as mentioned above. I did exactly what you said, and the purchase appeared in my ‘history’ in my Apple ID. What I did is purchased through the app from the App Store, clicking on the button buys it with my iTunes Account, that’s why it asks for my ID and password for it.

I don’t know any other way of buying it (plus, again, I already purchased it)

Sorry yeah it looks like for some appstore customers the license isn’t upgrading. We’re looking into this. If someone wants to help debugging it please get in touch:

‘I guess I’m confused by how you mention that “you don’t get it via the App Store”.’

Look closely at the image posted by duncan above. Note where the purchase button should be, all you get is “OPEN”

Thank you. Glad to hear it!

Really looking forward to using the new features! I’ve been a huge fan of Sparkle since 1.0. :slight_smile:

In-App purchases, like the upgrade purchase inside Sparkle on the App Store, are treated like App Store purchases. I can see why you didn’t see it that way, though. All good!

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Just updated to Sparkle 3.0.1, and it recognizes the upgrade I purchased to Pro 3!