PayPal Buttons are not where I put them

I get the code of the button from PayPal and put them into the “external content” container.
I place them on the website and when publishing it (or preview it) they are not where I put them.
They always stick together.

I add two screenshots of how it should be and how it looks like in the end.
Can anybody help?

Oh… and the back to vendor button at the end of the transaction doesn’t work but I guess that is a problem with PayPal, isn’t it?

Thanks a lot!


Please email us that test project to and we’ll take a look.

Problem not really solved but we found a solution.

Tremendous customer support!
Thank you!

Follow up for people following along or reading this later.

The problem here was the use of embed code for the PayPal button, same code used twice.

Using Sparkle’s built-in payment feature works properly.