PayPal payment - how to set it up?

Hi, I’m thinking of creating a couple of personal pages (nothing professional of course) dedicated to selling some items I have at home such as old comics, some vintage toys, stamps and things of that nature. I wanted to try Sparkle’s new PayPal payments tool, but I didn’t get it right…
In the settings it asks me for a “client identifier”, which redirects me to a PayPal page where I haven’t figured out what to do though. Have any of you tried your hand at the new PayPal payment feature in Sparkle yet? Do you have a tutorial or something similar that can help me?

That screenshot suggests you aren’t logged in. Once you are logged in you need to create a new “app” (paypal’s concept of your selling profile), which will then have its own “client ID”. That’s what you copy/paste back into the Sparkle payment settings.

Thanks Duncan, finally got the ID.
How can I tell if it is working? That is, if I have done everything correctly? I guess it is need to publish to see the PayPal buttons…

Even in preview it wouldn’t work without a correct client ID

I guess I will have to update my account?

But PayPal is not working. I will try later and in case I contact PayPal support.

Thank you