PayPal setup in Sparkle 3 (Getting the PayPal Key)

Hi, I need help setting up PayPal payments in Sparkle 3, please.
I have been to the Sparkle settings screen, clicked on the GET button for PayPal, and have been thrown into PayPal Developer hell where I have no experience.
I’ve put BUY NOW buttons on other sites for years the “old way”, but would like to utilize this new feature in Sparkle.
The interface within Sparkle looks fine but how do I get the PayPal Authorization Key to get started? Thanks in advance!

You can still use the “old style” button (legacy paypal in the sparkle UI).

The new style require creating an “app” on the paypal site, then making it live, and getting the key for that.

When you click “Get” in the Sparkle settings you go straight to the paypal “app” creation.

Once you return to the main screen (My Apps & Credentials) you switch to live:

Then click on the app name and copy the client id.

thanks, Duncan!
Is there an advantage to using the “new style” PayPal buttons? Are these new buttons the ones that are more “mobile-friendly” and larger (wider) than the old “lozenge” legacy button?

I’m far from an expert on PayPal. I think the old style are being progressively deprecated. But it’s really seems unlikely they’d make all the sites stop working.

I do have the same problem with paypal, but I decided to stick with the old buttons, the new buttons look complicated to get it integrated within Sparkle, at least for me :slight_smile:
Let’s see, for how long Paypal let us work this way.

Hi Martin,
Oh yeah! It took me several days to get one of the new mobile-friendly PayPal buttons working. Not for the faint of heart or mind, believe me. That said, it was for me a healthy learning experience in the long run. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure of how I got this going but am gonna have to do it again as I make more buttons to sell more products for my client. When the dust settles, I will have to sit down and write a step by step tutorial on how to plow through this. Meanwhile, one of my wishes is for PayPal to greatly simplify the process of creating mobile-friendly buttons.You should not have to become a PayPal Developer and stare cross-eyed at code you don’t end up needing, just to make a button!
FYI: here’s what the buttons look like…they really are much better looking and better functioning for mobile. And once I got the proper Client ID from PayPal and entered it into the PAYMENTS field in the Sparkle settings, Sparkle makes it a piece of cake to add buttons to a page…much faster and easier than the clunky old copy and paste PayPal button code into an “embed” box on your Sparkle page procedure.

One more thing about these buttons, as I think about them. There’s no way in Sparkle to name a button to tell what is being sold…is there? I am building a site for an artist now to sell lots of her paintings and prints. I’d like to title each button appropriately. Duncan? Any ideas on this?
I know I can go into PayPal and make a whole new app for each individual product on the site but that seems like overkill to me (as in too much work; there’s got to be a simpler way.)
Thought #2: In the old-style PayPal buttons, you could create a drop down menu for different sizes and prices of a product. (My artist sells prints of various sizes.) I have yet to see how/where you can do that in these new mobile-friendly buttons. Gotta be in there somewhere, but I haven’t seen it yet. Anyone with ideas, please post here and thanks in advance!

Maybe snipcart or gumroad are a better solution? We’ll look into what paypal offers.