.pdf download with registration before download

First Question:
Do we have possibility to make a download button for a .pdf document but with registration of name and email, before download?

Second Question:
Also would like to add an newsletter with registration form
How this work?

I’m not familiar with coding as I’m a user of iWeb before… (stop html coding after 2004)

thank you for any feedback…

with compliments

Welcome onboard @watermoon! :slight_smile:

With your first question not quite but a nice work around is setup a form asking for name and email, and on them triggering the button they get moved across to a page (instead of a thank you page) that has your pdf document under a download button.

Your second question is similar to the first but then you would have to manually place it into your list. Otherwise most email marketing platforms will give you a snippet of code which you just place into an embed element on your Sparkle canvas. An example of it in action you can see here - https://www.watertonhall.com.au/newsletter.html

Ok, I hope that helped…

Thank’s a lot for your fast replay and comment Greenskin

I will try work out it…

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Hi watermoon,

you can achieve the registration with a free script from a nice german programmer. For this you need php and a mysql database.
You don‘t need to code cause all is well documented.

The website is werner-zenk.de go to Archive

All the best


Hi Lennart - many thanks for your effort and feedback. I work on the Form Feed right now and will check it later…Enjoy your day

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