Photo gallery has stopped displaying photos

One of my photo galleries has stopped showing photos and displays numbers instead. However, when I click on the gallery, the thumbnails are still showing correctly in the right-hand sidebar at top. See screenshot below. I realise that I could redo the gallery but there are 22 photos altogether and I have painstakingly labelled each one (it took a long time) so I am loathe to perhaps lose all this work! No other photo galleries on any other pages have had this problem. Any idea what has happened and how I might resolve this?

This happens when Sparkle loses a reference to the original images. Unfortunately there’s no explanation in the system responses to Sparkle, it generally happens when the images are moved relative to the project file.

I’m afraid you will need to recreate the setup. To prevent issues in the future the only option is to use the “store in this document” option for images.

Thanks Duncan. This explanation was in the back of my mind … and does explain what has happened. I suppose the only drawback to “store in this document” is the extra size implications to the overall document. We have discussed size in a previous communication and as long as Sparkle has no problem with large docs, I need to consider this as an option.

Another option is copy your image assets to an assets folder inside a project folder. The project folder would be the same folder where you save your Sparkle project file. You can then add images from your assets folder to your sparkle project. If you need to bring in additional assets later on, just copy them into your assets folder before deploying them in Sparkle. By doing this, you can move your entire project folder to anywhere you want on your computer and the project assets will go along for the ride. Likewise, if you move the original image files, or even delete them altogether, your Sparkle project will continue to use the copies in your project assets folder.

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Yes thank you Frank. This is the structured alternative to loading assets into the main document and one I will probably go with.