Photo gallery issue

I just developed a site and hit a stumbling block. The last photo in all of my photo galleries, will not expand (pop out and enlarge) like the other photos do.

Here’s the site for reference:

Additionally, I would love to know how to make the hamburger stack always appear in the corner, even if one is scrolling down the page.

Work fine, for me.

Check your component, because I see that you don’t add the action on the last picture (I see in the web inspector).

Probably you “copy and paste” in all of your pages and you have brought the mistake on all of your pages.

Schermata 2021-02-01 alle 11.43.24

About the hamburger, you must add another component (like a transparent box) and group both with your menu. After this, you can fix the position in “Style” (on the right interface sparkle).

Even if my interface is in Italian, I hope the image attach helping you.

Hi Erik,

do the “on click” settings for the last photo match the settings of the others?

About the hamburger menu, you can group it with a full-width box, and then set the group to stick to the top of the page.

Exactly, I hope my reply, with the screenshot help @Erik

that worked perfectly! thank you so much for the detailed description… that helped a ton!

thanks duncan, that worked like a charm!