Photos not showing on phone or laptop

Hi I have a problem with my website. Some devices are showing the photo’s and others are not.
I am new to sparkle and first time uploading. used serif web design before never any problems but they’ve stopped updates years ago so have changed to Sparkle and has a great look.
I uploaded the website yesterday from my laptop and it works on the desktop Mac but not on the MacBook. It works on my wife’s iPhone X but not on my iPhone se, my pc laptop also doesn’t show the website photos.
I have also hit the refresh button several times but it doesn’t help. I have also uploaded the site again with no joy but because its showing on some devices I am guessing that it might be a setting.
Any ideas of how to fix this would be great thanks Ronnie

@ronniejcmc Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

It sounds like you have only built for one device - 960? If you have then it won’t show correctly on the other devices which is what you are seeing.

This is not a generalized problem, so something specific about your site setup.

Could you share the address of the website so we can take a look?

yes your right I have only built for one device. so do I have to do a website for each device or is there a way around this to see if it helps

Having added multiple devices or not doesn’t affect showing photos. That should work regardless.

This is screen shot of settings

As answered privately, the issue is a mis-configured Microsoft IIS server, like in this answer:

By unticking the webp photos show up on the websites. Thanks for all the help

This is actually a much worse option than configuring the Microsoft IIS server as directed above.

webp images give better pagespeed scores, and they are in fact generally smaller and work on the vast majority of modern browsers.

Also the web server configuration also configures web font files and svg files, both of which are inexplicably not configured by default by Microsoft.