Photos presentation

ZBR so many cool effects. Makes me smile. One effect at the bottom of this site where the clouds seem to part and transform together. That’s the best way I can describe it. It looks like a parallax fade, but not sure.
How did you make that efffect.
Thanks in advance ZBR.

Hi Woodrow, it is my pleasure to see you study my humble work, thank you for your attention and kind words.

NPK site is a single page made from scratch to the end in one chunk in Sparkle application. The last item, my mark, is at 23316 px vertical position. I do not reckon it makes sense to use such long pages. In fact I was curious if it was possible. Yes, it is but most probably better to avoid it.

However I have to admit that the only problem with this loooonnnnggg page I encountered is that page terminates properly only in Safari, in other browsers it is never ending (as empty one, only background remains). At first I suspected the last photo which has negative canvas speed set to be the cause. I tested it and even when I remove this speed parameter the effect persists.

I guess that arrow issue refers to site. Yes, you are right, I have a tendency to avoid exaggerated vividness of technical page elements and I overdo it.

And “clouds” effect: one photo has normal canvas speed and the second has negative canvas speed.
Both photos I edited leaving parts of images (mainly removing some upper and bottom areas) and saved as png to preserve transparent background.

Best wishes.