Picture Rotate effect not working as expected

I tried using the picture Rotate effect today. When I rotate it just once, it works as expected with a nice “slowdown” towards the end instead of an abrupt stop. Nice touch.

When I set it to Repeat 3 times, what I expected was for it to rotate 3 times with a final slowdown at the end. Instead, I get

Rotate once => slowdown
Rotate second time => slowdown
Rotate third time => slowdown

This does not feel natural and for me at least, it’s not usable.

  1. Is there a different way to achieve what I’m looking for?

  2. Is the current implementation of Rotate a bug?

Hi @habboud, I’m afraid the one time scroll effects are a bit canned in this, what you wanted is a 360º times three rotation, but that’s part of the animation definition and can’t be changed currently.

Hello @duncan, I’m not saying a new definition is needed. I’m suggesting that the behavior of this one time scroll effect should be changed (without needing any UI changes).

See this test page. I can’t see why anyone would want this animation.

You also could use Lottie animations, that would give you what you’re looking for.

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Interesting idea, I hadn’t considered it. Thank you.