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I am new to Sparkle.
Is there any possibility to set up picture titles (titles in image gallery) for one image and it would effect all other images? In the moment I have to place the picture titles one at a time. I find this very arduous and think I just don’t know how to handle the picture titles. – I don’t mean the text itself. I mean the text frame.

Thank you for your effort to understand what I mean.

Easter greetings from Berlin.

Stay healthy!

@mynona, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

If I have read your post correctly then no. What I think you described is needed to be completed manually, placing a title against an Image. But I’m sure @duncan will come along and correct me if I have misread your post.

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@greenskin,Thank you for your kind response.

I was working in Adobe Muse for “decades”. A week ago I switched to sparkle which I really like.

To be clear. I was talking about the image gallery and all labels. As soon as I change the image size, I have to set up ALL labels (text frames) manually. Is that correct? So, if I have 50 images in my image gallery ALL labels has to set manually?

Maybe I start then all over with my image gallery and determine the size of the images in advance?

@mynona, Wow decades! You’d have seen a lot of changes over that time! I played with Adobe Muse for about three years, but stoked with what i can do with Sparkle!

Yes! Once you place an image in the Image Gallery you can assign a tile to the image. If you replace that same image then you will have to add the title to it again. If you place 50 images into your Image Gallery, then yes if you want to add titles to all 50 images you will need to do 50 manual entries.

Yes, it is a good idea to pre-edit your images to what you are wanting before adding them to the Image Gallery.

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@greenskin, Thank you for your response.

Yes, for a long time I have been working in Adobe Muse, actually from the beginning. I loved to work in Muse because I also work in InDesign. Same structure.

Unfortunately one can’t “group” the image and text frame in the image gallery here. If that would be possible, everything would be easier. Here I have to adjust every text frame to an image in case I change the size of an image.

But I do not complain. I can live with that! Some meditative work within a crazy time! Like peeling potatoes or baking sourdough bread. – Smile.

And! I have to tell you that I really love to work “with” Sparkle. The designers did a an excellent job! Also I think, when changing a program, there are things one may gain and things one may miss.

Sunny greetings from Berlin.

@mynona, Yes I see web design as a mixture of print layout and what the modern online community envisage as online screen functionality. And knowing Sparkle is fixed-width breakpoints (adaptive design) the analogy even fits better.

Duncan & the Team has mentioned a few times to us that the Image Gallery will be revamped in the near future so for now I hear what you are saying but I’m sure that will change with Sparkle V3 which I don’t think is that far away now.

You have a wise-take on things so I’m sure you are going to love Sparkle, and where it is going in the near future!.. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your kindness. It means much to me and is appreciated.

Slowly I get into some understanding how Sparkle is structured and really like to work with it. I understand what you are saying about web design and print layout and agree with you.

I look forward to a “revamped” image gallery.

Greetings from Berlin