Pictures in header in the center of mobile devices


I am currently adapting the content of my website to mobile devices. I check the result both in the browser of my Mac and on my iPhone. I have a slideshow in the header with images in landscape format. I have set it up so that only a section of the original image is visible on the mobile device. By the way I’ve noticed that the section in the preview on the Mac is placed exactly in the middle, but the preview on the iPhone only shows the left third of the photo. I’m guess that the preview on my iPhone is more like reality. My question: is there any way to set Sparkle to crop from the centre of the images?

Thank you in advance


How do you check it on the Mac? Are you using the response mode view?
Do you have the auto scale mobil device thing on?

Mr. F.


On the Mac I’m checking my site with Open Live Preview. And yes I switched on the Mobile auto-scaling in the site settings.

Meanwhile I found out that this effect (of presenting just the left third of the picture) is just happening when I enable the fit-button in the letterbox section of the image gallery. If I press the Fill-button I got exactly the middle thirds of my pictures on my iPhone. That is working for me for this moment.

Nevertheless, I would like to understand why Sparkle does not choose the crop for mobile devices from the centre of the image in the previous setting. Could this be related to the size of the image?