Pictures on iPad PRO 11" are zoomed in A LOT (not visible anymore)

Under development:
currently only one ‘device’/size is build (will add other devices later, when content is fully ready)

On computer (preview as well after uploading to site), the site looks as designed with quite some background pictures. Both on Safari AND Edge. EVEN when I select ‘iPad’ on the Safari as the ‘agent’ (development simulation)

on an iPad Pro 11" however, the pictures seems to be missing (though I recognize the color matching the far top left of the picture). Only the gallery and some pictures at the bottom are okay.
No difference if I use the iPad on ‘preview on port 14444’ or from web browser.
As well Safari as DuckDuckGO

No joy in enabling/disabling

  • compression / fast upload
  • WebP
  • 1x / 1x,2x / 1x,2x,3x

surprisingly iPad mini works (as well in iPhone)

both are on iOS 15.2.1

iPad Pro is model MU102NF

strange thing… I’ll keep trying and post updates

The simple issue to resolve this @v-Z is to introduce your tablet device.

You are asking a desktop website to squeeze into a tablet and mobile screen size device. Sparkle is a fixed width web responsive layout. In other words it detects your device’s screen size and offers that version to your device.

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thanks for jumping aboard and your suggestion.

But actually, the current device format is ‘PC and landscape tablet’…
the issues occurs on the tablet, both on portrait and… landscape.

the Mini (and iPhone) is actually scaling it, but then everything shows well… :thinking:

That’s a pin ongoing issue with Apple, they have their safari doesn’t not scale on iPads and show the desktop version.
There was already an discussed here somewhen last year I can remember, google you find for sure for about that issue. It’s not a Sparkle problem.

Thanks @MiWe,

I’ll try to work around it by adding more viewports.
DuckDuckGo must use the Safari engine then, since DuckDuckGo also displays.
(funny: if you select ‘use mobile version’, everything shows just fine)

I just installed MS Edge browser on the iPad, but Edge also seems to fail.

Not just a Safari thing, I tend to state.

Also tried another iPad (air). same habits…

All iPads use the desktop version

I cannot find it anymore, maybe Duncan can chip in when he is free.

We’re looking into a similar issue, would you send your project file over to Thanks.

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On it’s way @duncan via

Thank you for looking into this. I’m happy to assist in testing.

kindest reg, Robert

Many thanks, yes we have fixed this for 4.0.2.