Place a banner randomly

I would like to put banners on the site that are loaded in a random way. I’m not good at programming and would need javascript code to do this.
Has anyone used one in the past?

@MultimediaMan, This might be of interest to you -

I don’t want to go through Google advertising at the moment. This is a banner exchange with other friendly sites and I would like to show different banners on every page load. For this I think I need a script…

@MultimediaMan, Yes a banner exchange would be a javascript applet.

The best way to go about that is embedding the given script like what is described here -

Thank you greenskin, but I need code :smiley:

What you need is a banner rotator script. Check this:

I did not read, download or test it. Good luck with that.

Mr. F.

Thank you very much, but with PHP everything is even more difficult to achieve with Sparkle…