Place larger picture, so that zoom in still shows good resolution

Hi all,
we noticed that in mobile web, if I zoom an image the resolution is not satisfying.
(screen 320 x 600pix)
(Image settings in sparkle: 1x, 2x & 3x)

Is it possible to put an high-res image at a website for mobile, so that zoom in still gives crisp images?

Mmmm @arteventura I haven’t experience that…
I start with very good large image files. When viewing on mobile and doing some pinch and zoom the image quality is still high.

I have been caught out a couple of times using a low quality image to start with, and then it doesn’t look great on mobile but that is of my own doing.

Have you experimented? or is this happening even if you start with a reasonably large image file, say like 2400x6000px at 8.9Mb?..

Is this about image resolution or compression quality? With 3x set you should get enough resolution to zoom in a bit.

thanks for your response Flaming - I put most photos at 1200x1600 and some 2400x1600 - for example, the 1st phot on this page:
as my cellphone has resolution of 320x600, when I zoom the image it should be crispier… But it seems to me IT STAYS EXACTLY THE SAME resolution the phone has.

hi Duncan,thank for your answer! Its about image-quality
actually I am making a web for prresentation of Photographs - so I would like to give some high res fotos (5000x8000) and zoom in

Well images will be optimized for performance reasons, and you can get images up to 3x their canvas size. If you want to show images in their original quality the only option is to use the “zoom in lightbox” option with an “unlimited” image size.

lightbox is a good tool - so I will do it this way - thanks a lot
when finished - I will present te page here
(made a new test - now all worked perfectly)

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