Placing new text

I am new to Sparkle. The web builder app I used for years (Sandvox) is no longer supported and is failing over time. I have imported my website in to Sparkle. After importing my site I notice that Sparkle appears to have put each paragraph of the imported text into its own text box. How do I go about adding new text to the TOP of a page and have all the text below shift down to accommodate the new text?

The best way to go about it would be to use Layout Blocks…
Check it out here - Layout Blocks | Sparkle Documentation


Thank you for this pointer. I assume this means I would have to cut and paste all of my existing text into Layout Blocks for this to work properly? My site is very large.

You could click on the text boxes (you would like to keep together) and group them and then right-click Move to Layout Block. When you place more info (text) into your Layout Block (and it expands vertically) it will push the Layout Blocks below it down the page.

This sounds promising. I created a Layout Block, then selected multiple text boxes, right-clicked, selected Move to Layout Box. The text disappeared (not sure to where), but not into the Layout Block I created.

Please check your text colour.
I’m thinking you haven’t styled any of your text since importing your site… An important step in creating a Sparkle website.

That worked! Thank you. I will move on to the next step. I suspect I will be reaching out to you at the next road block :wink:.