Plausible Analytics support

I’ve recently been trialing Plausible Analytics on websites as a simple, privacy focused alternative to Google analytics that my non-tech clients can easily understand.
Because you can’t insert js scripts in the head area without the dev tools I’ve used the embed module to put it in the body. It seems to work OK.
There seems to be some debate about placement of js snippets. Plausible say “It should be able to work but obviously the recommended way is to insert the script in the header which is pretty much how it’s done for all the other analytics scripts too.”
It would be nice if it could be added to Settings like GA.
Great app by the way.

Hi @wrathweb, we do want to add more analytics built in. But once you’re paying $50/year (baseline for 10k pageviews/month) for analytics, what’s a one time $100 for the dev tools? :slight_smile:

Totally on board with the idea of more privacy minded analytics. But it’s really hard to find something that’s relatively simple and also cost effective.

Fair enough I see your point.