Please calm down …

we all have so many different workflows and the W3-consortium itself is so ambigue and so are all the browsers … so i just can guess what it takes to build a software for the worldwideweb and for all of us … sure i miss some things as well, but otherwise, what’s new is so exciting … only tried the popups so far but like it a lot … and so are the layers …

does anyone remember macosx 1.x ? that was no productive environment, nothing worked for a designer regarding print material … or the helvetica issues? and there behind has been a ton more of software engineers than i assume is on Duncan’s side …

from my side, i hope Sparkle still will evolve and get stronger and better, but as is CSS and all the techniques behind, that evolves too and i think it’s really hard to keep track on all … please be less angry and enjoy what you got today … so to say, please calm down, i’m so sorry to read all the not very nice comments since there is so much more that Sparkle has grown …

sorry, just my 5 cents, but had to write it because it makes me sad for all the development that has been done for today … and Sparkle is far better than stumbling in Wordpress for sure …


Exactly my thoughts as well! :+1:

I don’t want to be too philosophical here, but it’s usually not a good idea to go through life and only look at what is missing, when instead you can be HAPPY about what is already there! :grin:

So thank you @duncan and @daniele for Sparkle 3. The journey doesn’t end here … :+1::blush:


A HUGE thank you to Duncan and Daniele for investing so much time and effort into making a wonderful piece of software that blows the competition out of the water. It’s stable, it makes beautiful websites easily and it means I don’t have to rely on WP.


I agree that Version 3 is absolute amazing, I want to thank Duncan for the good work too. Do not let it get you.



I tip my hat to the team - amazing.


I’m very disappointed with this release, because in the 50 upgrades , I hoped (indeed I believed it) that some very important things for me, it be going such as the management of the pages.
Yesterday I was exaggerated in expressing myself and communicating my disappointment, but if this happens it’s because I feel good with Sparkle and I would like it to be perfect and to have everything I need!
Anyway a lot of work has been done and I appreciate it very much.
I will probably go and buy the PRO version soon, because I want to support the work done by Duncan. Even if I remain with bitterness in my mouth.
I just hope that the company will pay more attention to our requests. All of them. After all, we all pay Sparkle, so in theory each of us has the right to ask for something and to be heard. And I hope that this blessed page management system will soon see the light…

I think you might be confusing custom-built software with packaged software.

Our list of feature requests is in the high 100s, we do plan on getting around to many of them, but we’re a small team so we decide what’s best for our customers at any given point in time. We also base our decisions on what’s best for Sparkle’s longevity, as a business.

As explained in the blog post, this was the time to widen the appeal of Sparkle. We need Sparkle to be interesting to more people, to be better funded and get more people on the development team. Which in turn will make it faster to address the feature request list.

I think you might be using a bit too much of the royal we, when thinking of which features Sparkle users need.

Yes better page management is needed, but so is better responsive workflow and better animation support, for example.

Please be understanding, we do want to build it all out. If you spend your time being negative about Sparkle you are making it less likely that we get there.


Duncan, I’m not negative about Sparkle. I’m bitter, it’s different.

I will buy the Pro version because for me Sparkle is the best existing software to create pages and I want to help you grow. And I will give you support like I always have done. Remember that on all the sites I have made, I always put the banner “made with Sparkle”. If this is not support, then you tell me what it is!).

Let’s not forget the good things that are done!

But page management is essential for those who want to use Sparkle to create portals, blogs, sites with many pages. And I am one of them.
I hope you’ll get your hands on it soon.