Please check out the new website I just finished

I’ve been spending time on this forum without an account and people here are so nice and respectful to each other. So that made me create an account and be a part of it.

Just finished the new version of the website that I had done 3-4 months ago. Both versions are made with Sparkle of course. I remember paying the one time fee to purchase more than a year ago, and Sparkle is one of the best apps I have ever paid for. Looking forward to updating to v4.

Old Version:
New Version:

Although there are couple more things to add but please check it out and i would love to hear what you guys think. I am extremely open to the advices. Thank you.

Also, on the mobile version of live preview there is no margin on the sides. But when I publish, it gives me margins from the sides. I would love someone to help me so I can fix it.


I like the “test” version more. Especially the small details, like the scrolling white line that moves right-to-left as you scroll up. Nice touch - small, but makes an aesthetic impression that my swiss-cheese brain likes.

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I know. It’s always the small details. I appreciate your review. :relaxed: @producerguyaz

Matt. I like the test version as well. I like the use of parallax in your first version. It’s a great hero image, but sometimes when there’s too much text on top of the parallax things for me get confusing. I do like the test image a lot. I’m viewing both on an iPad. I’d like to see the test image at 960 px.
Welcome to Sparkle. Great board with very helpful people.