Plug in for Pixelmator files similar to the Sketch plugin?

I’m hoping that a plugin like the one you have for Sketch can be developed for an app that"s not subscription based such as Affinity Designer or Pixelmator Pro. I do most of my layouts in Affinity Designer but am in the process of moving over to Pixelmator Pro. Pixelmator Pro allows me to export Apple Motion Projects, a feature that saves me a ton of time on building motion graphics based on my layouts.


Hi @gmcgaughey, thanks for the suggestion. I’m afraid we don’t really have many requests for Pixelmator, and I must say I thought of it as a bitmap-graphics app. If many more people are interested we can look into it.

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A little bit over a third of Pixelmator Pro (as opposed to Pixelmator which is totally bitmap) is dedicated to vector allowing for mockups like what can be achieved in Sketch.

So I’ll put my hand up! :slight_smile:

@gmcgaughey, I wasn’t aware Affinity Designer was subscription based? The have just relaunched their whole suite and there is no mention of a subscription… actually the opposite.

The other really big contender, which is nearly all vector, is Vectornator. This app for some reason is totally free which is just crazy!!!


Sorry, I was referring to Adobe when talking about subscription. I just upgraded to all three Affinity2 apps and love them because they’re not subscription based - $99 for all three on all platforms and no subscription is a sweet deal.

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As FlaminFig mentions it does have vector capabilities. It can export vector shapes and text that are editable in Apple Motion which is why I picked it up again. If I understand correctly this is using XML which Motion uses but I can’t claim any understanding of how this works. An Affinity Designer plugin would be my preference but Pixelmator Pro or Vectornator - anything that doesn’t require a subscription would help. Thanks.

I also agree with this idea. :raised_hand:
Firstly with Affinity Designer and secondly with Pixelmator Pro.

@duncan Pixelmator Pro user here. +1 please
I see that Pixelmator Pro is on Black Friday sale for $20 - don’t hesitate !!