Png-file not visible in Blog

On my Blog I placed a png-icon (RSS-feed) and linked that to the generated rss-feed from my Blog.
Upon the previous release that worked fine, However the icon is not visible anymore not in preview not after publishing. (Bens Blog)
Newly placed articles show up in my feed reader though.
I cannot figure out what has happend, and why the icon (containing the feed-link) doesn’t show up not in Safari, neither in Firefox. It’s there in Sparkle.
So did I miss something, or is this due tot the latest upgrade (4.5.3. build 16800).
Any help much appreciated.

Hi @BenB,

nothing really comes to mind, it might be best if you send the project file over ( to and we’ll take a look.

Thanks Duncan.
I decided to try something else before sending you the project file. I Deleted the png icon and set it up for the blog-section again with another png-icon. (So far I tried it with the same icon). Now all works fine again. So I assume that the other icon got corrupted or something like that.
Thanks for the offer anyway,
All working as expected now.