Poll (test) - Most requested next features


Please select your 3 preferred features you would like to see
at available the next Sparkle version.
(this poll will be available til Friday, March 25th)

  • Adjustment for the Navigation Arrows :link:
  • CROP images :link:
  • EXIF data (remove/modify exif data) :link:
  • More Gallery Options :link:
  • Mouse Hover Effects :link:
  • Search for Styles :link:

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I appreciate the poll and am grateful for Sparkle support continuously chasing fixes and adding features ongoing. Two comments on this:

  1. The need to distinguish developer convenience features vs those that enable enhanced outcomes that aren’t achievable today. While I am hopeful for the convenience of being able to crop images or tweak some metadata directly inside Sparkle, I can achieve this now with additional time and effort. There are numerous presentation elements though that can’t be achieved without new capabilities. e.g. Control over the presence, size, shape, color of the Image Gallery Arrows on a device by device basis. For me, this is a no contest lineup as I would always favor the new presentation elements.

  2. For a full X.0 version release I have high hopes for a radically new image gallery to either replace or to become an addition to the existing Gallery. The Gallery related wish-list commentary in the forum stretches back awhile and Duncan has graciously acknowledged most if not all of it as desirable and/or intended. The need for more flexibility in the presentation of images I believe is beyond debate. Every site that goes beyond brand marketing and simple messaging generally needs to visually present products, people, etc with images is looking to do so in unique and ever more clever ways whilst attempting to optimize the end use experience across devices. I value Sparkle for how fast it gets me to 90% and then I spend inordinate amounts of time trying to design, hack, or beg for fixes that are mostly tied to shortcomings in the current image Gallery. I could itemize a lengthy list but I suspect these have been captured by Duncan and team. If we see a new version with an advanced Gallery I sincerely hope it captures the lions share of ideas already communicated because I suspect the Gallery component is developed out of house and thus not easily tweaked between major investment cycles. Bottom line is that I’d love to see, participate, and/or vote on the specification for the next Gallery. This is one element in Sparkle for which there are no easy workarounds and to that end it needs to be rich and flexible to compete with what folks are doing with other tools today. It would truly be sad to see a new Gallery arrive and fail to deliver on one or two of the critical requests. So If could cast all 3 votes in this POLL on the same line item it would be GALLERY - GALLERY - GALLERY. :wink:

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That’s a nice lengthy plea Carl, well done.

Although i think that the Sparkle is aware of your most desirable Sparkle enhancement

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I’m with @googull on this…
Although this is great to see where we are all coming from I believe it it the micro of the macro and the macro is most likely a complete Image Gallery rebuild incorporating most of what we have all expressed.

Everything that Duncan & Daniele produces ramps Sparkle up to the next level so a new Image Gallery will work on so many levels and cover a number of layout scenarios with a number of the latest gimmicks! :slight_smile: All in all packaged into an intuitive interface! :slight_smile:


Good idea this poll. At 60 votes a consensus seems quite clear :yum:

“Crop image” and “edit exif”, there is plenty of (free) softwares to do this.
“Search for styles” make workflow easier.
But the priority seems to be to improve the user experience of websites created with Sparkle.