Pop-up color change results in automatic save of project


This occurs whether or not the color is actually changed. Just going into the color selectors results in the entire Sparkle project being saved.

A nasty surprise indeed… Sparkle shouldn’t be auto saving anything, under any circumstances.

And why do you say that in such absolute terms? For the vast majority of people, autosaving is an amazing feature.

Anyway as Sparkle adheres to the macOS document architecture, you can turn off autosave systemwide from the system preferences, by turning on this checkbox in the general section:

This saving issue occurs when you return to an open document after using the color picker. The Sparkle project hasn’t been closed but something has been written to the file with a current time stamp. No telling what was written so now, I create a backup before using the color picker.

I’m retired from ~45 years in IT system programming and know the dangers of autosaving and synchronizing all too well. Setting that “Ask to keep changes” checkbox as well as remapping the keyboard to get “Save As” back is one of the first orders of business for me with a fresh macOS install:-)

I can’t say that 100% of the times a file change is done it’s certainly required, maybe there are instances where it’s not. That would be something we consider a bug.

However when it’s not a bug, then 100% of the times saving the file is definitely required. Not saving will have side effects, which you might not consider serious, but there are behaviors that have been reported to us as bugs.

The first example that comes to mind is publishing related issues, such as producing the same poster image for different videos, or republishing files already published. That sort of information is saved in the project file and not saving can cause them.

I’m not discounting your experience, but frankly this is spreading FUD, saving should absolutely be done.

Frankly, it appears to me that you’re missing the point. This is not about spreading anything nor is it about whether or not a project file should be saved. Based upon your response, the answer appears to be that you don’t know why the color selector triggered save is occurring. Fair enough and thank you for your time.

Sorry no, the point is nobody should think not saving is going to be conducive to anything good.

Opening the color picker does not change the unsaved state for me. Happy to look into it if you want to send a project file where this happens.

this option is not visible in my sparkle
and the auto save files take to muts space on my ssd

The issue you’re having is not about autosaving but about macOS document versions, as per the other thread you posted. One thread per question is sufficient by the way.