Pop up window function


Is there a way to create a functional pop up window in Sparkle?


No, not like you describe it. A work around you could use is via “animation” where you can have a popup-like window appear but there is no way for a user to make it disappear through clicking outside the popup or clicking on the popup or clicking on a “X”.


Depends what purpose you want it for, but I’ve used other tools embedded in (that pop up) for things like surveys or email collection etc.


A workaround could be to create a fake pop-up. You create an identical page and put on a box with your message. Then with a button can direct users on another identical page (that has not pop-up).

I know…it is a bad work but meanwhile that we wait Duncan it is a possible solution that can work…

Landing-page like a Micro-Site

Good idea, thanks for share!
I hope the function will exist in the next version.


Not as silly then sounds like. Yes doing it right, thinking outside of the box. :+1: