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I have already read some topics about popups and how to open and close them, but have not found an answer. Maybe the question has not been asked yet or it is well hidden.

I want a popup to open after X seconds on my website, no matter what page the visitor is on or how many times he clicked.

Is this possible at all?

Or is it possible to make a popup appear when the visitor goes to another web page (e.g. Google search results), i.e. leaves my website?

Mr. F.

Both possible.

Hi selcuk.

No and No. Sorry.

Case (1): when clicking to another page when the delay time has not been reached, no popup shows up. The Popup is married to a certain page. Countdown continues when you go back to this certain page.

Case (2): documentation “When ‍the ‍mouse ‍exits ‍the ‍page: The ‍popup ‍is ‍automatically ‍opened ‍when ‍the ‍mouse ‍leaves ‍the ‍browser ‍window.” But the visitor does not leave the browser window. He/she clicks a new bookmark or the BACK button.

Thank you anyway.

Mr. F.

hey Horst,

  1. you would need to make that specific pop-up available to all pages. The behaviour will be the same, but the timer won’t be shared (page 1 is 4s, page 2 is 4s, etc). Also using the pop-up group id you can control this to some extent (controlling logic via multiple popups) but i don’t know if that’s the case

  2. in this case it is considered the page window as the content window, that’s the further the script can identify the mouse of the visitor, so therefore if he reaches the back button or bookmarks he already left the page view and the popup should already been opened

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I have to correct myself with case (2). Clicking a bookmark or the back button is “leaving the browser window”.

Will try out more.

Mr. F.


Good Lord. I think I have to blame the heat. It’s so hard to think straight.

I’ve only just seen that you can also assign popups to “show on all pages”. That opens up a whole new set of possibilities for me in conjunction with the “Once, Across Multiple Visits” option and a cookie.

So, let’s get to work. But only when it gets a bit cooler.

Mr. F.

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