Popup & Device Sizes

I have a web site with 5 sizes of user device (1,200, 960, 768, 480, & 320 pixel).
On the largest (1,200 pixel) I created a simple popup.
It was for a piece of jewelry. The popup allows user to see the selected piece of jewelry in a much larger frame. [awesome]

When I selected another device size, say the 960 pixel, the popup was there, scaled down a bit (love that) and works.
Problem is there is only the popup frame & close button with no picture in it.
The 1,200 pixel I started with has it. But other device sizes did not carry the picture.

If I select Layers from the menu on the left, it shows the popup’s I have created.
Within the popup list I have created, if you select one, there is the popup #, image #, and button number. Ok.

If I am on another device size, again say the 960 pixel, if I select either the popup or button, it is referenced by the 4 corners of the popup or button.
But, If I select the missing picture it pops up in the upper top left corner of the web page and not in the popup box. It will not move and will easily disappear if you try.

Seems to me that it should have been locked into the popup. If I again add the picture, it adds another pic to the popup reference in the “layers” section for that popup #.

So what is the work around or solution?

Thank you for your time

Hi @golden1one,

that should work, so I’m not sure what to suggest. Please send the project file over to feedback@sparkleapp.com and we’ll take a look.