Popup frame in Sparkle

Hi, is it possible to create popup windows in Sparkle by any means. I want to show a small form and some details about an item in the popup window upon click of a button.

Also I want to gather the details sent in the form and sent back to me. How can we do that in Sparkle.


@vermau, Popup windows is not a feature of Sparkle as yet.

You can easily create a form by using the elements under “More / Navigation & Forms”. You click the text input container onto the canvas and you’ll see the right-hand panel highlighting what you can do with it. In the end the “submit” button is a standard button and you have to activate it as a submit button by going to the right-hand panel and “On click / Email form via server

Please have a read of this to gleam further understanding - https://sparkleapp.com/docs/forms.html

Thanks a lot @greenskin, but what I want to know is how to show this little popup window on the click of a button.

This form is just one example. Say if I want to show some details in a popup window just like the image on click of a “Learn More” button. This would be useful if the details are not too much to need a separate page and I don’t want to send the user to another page for reading the details.

I am sorry to ask so many questions and thanks a lot for bearing with me !!


@vermau, As mentioned Sparkle can’t do it for now.

I know, popups when used to give the user an efficient experience is very helpful, but for now we just have to wait to see what Sparkle 3 brings to the table.

I know you probably could code it (with the Embed element), but I think it will just be a mess so I think it is best to work around it with what Sparkle can offer for now. A workaround could be you can place the contact form somewhere on your site and than place a “Scroll location” just above it and then whenever a button or link is clicked to do with the contact form than the user is taken to your form without any scrolling.

I was thinking if there was a way to hide or unhide the elements on the click of a button. In that way, I could create a html page with the details on it and store on the server. Then call that page in an iframe ( as per the explanation given by @duncan in one another question ). The widget should be initially hidden, then on button click we make it visible and then when we hit ‘esc’ or cross button on the widget, it gets hidden again


Sorry @vermau, Sparkle doesn’t have the function to hide / unhide…

Thanks a lot for all the replies my dear.

@duncan, please include the following as a feature in 3.0

  1. Hide / unhide elements on event trigger ( like button click )
  2. Popup windows support
  3. Layers support ( so that we can select the exact layer and edit the same. Currently if we have two elements exactly on top of each other, we have to move the top one to select the bottom element and then edit the same ).

@vermau, With 3… right click will allow you to choose the element(s) below to top one.

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Thanks for the suggestions @vermau, which version to target is something we plan with abundant lead time so it’s up to us.

I did insert this script on a page.

> <input type="button" value="show popup" onclick="window.open('https://community.sparkleapp.com','sparkle', 'width=400,height=400,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=yes,location=no'); return false" />

grtz Ton

I think your easiest option is to utilise a third part form processor. Most of them allow you to design a form online and have it display in a pop-up or modal. This is something you can choose as part of the form creation process and will incorporate the feature into the embed code they provide you with.

To add the code to your page, you would add an embedded content widget to the page and paste the supplied code into the Embedded Content box in the properties panel.

The only issue you may have is triggering the pop up. This would normally entail creating a link or button in the page and then have that button activate the popup. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple way to do this in Sparkle, so you should use a forms service that gives you the option of creating an activation link as well. This would be added to your page in the same way as the pop-up code.

Jot forms is one company that provides code for displaying in a light box. It also provides an activation link as part of the code.