POPUP Question for photographs

I have the names of five photographers on a credits page. I would like to be able to click on a name, and have a popup of their work appear, and click on the photo and have the photo disappear. I can get that far, with a few problems…

  1. the text to be linked to the popup changes font, size and is underlined.

  2. when I’m ready to add the second popup, the first won’t go away.

My new website is almost ready to go live, this is the only thing that I haven’t been able to figure out, and the documentation for popups reads like Latin to me. HELP!

Hi @scovar,

you can use text styles to control the look of linked text. It’s a separate “- link” style, based on the original plain text style. By changing it and clicking on the Apply Changes button, you save the text link style.


Popups can be made mutually exclusive via the popup group id.


Thank you so much for your help Duncan. With your aid, I was able to figure it out. One question… if I want to “Built with Sparkle” on my home page, what logo should I use?


We don’t have a specific asset. You are welcome to use this:

I did on my credits page. Thanks. it’s a fine program.