Popup Slideshow or gallery?

Another question, which I have seen or figured out if it’s doable. Can one create a popup lightbox type slideshow/gallery in Sparkle. I have the Pro version. I’m looking to create one like the one I have in my portfolio site which was created with Muse–go to jeffreysterndesign.com and click on portfolio and choose any of the icons. Would like to re-create the same effect in Sparkle but so far can’t figure it out.



Yes you can place a gallery in the popup and on a hunch I’d say achieve exactly the same effect.

  • add the clickable image on the base canvas
  • on click -> open popup
  • create the new popup
  • insert a gallery in the popup and add all images
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Jeff. I’ve messed with a lot of pop ups and @duncan’S solution works pretty well. You may not be able to add the bells and whistles you have on your present site, but it’s no problem adding a slide show.
It’s fiddly but it does work.
Nice site by the way.

Thanks. I have tried a quick version of what Duncan suggested and can now see how it works. Will probably post what I have in a day or so on a test page, so will be able to show a couple of the items I mentioned.

Jeff…hope you know that your nice site crops your name “headline” in portrait mode on my iPhone 12.
Looking fine in landscape mode.
But I dare say most people start in portrait mode.

Thanks Dave. Yes am aware that my site doesn’t really work on an iPhone. Never completely set it up in Muse for a phone. Rebuilding it now on Sparkle and plan to address that issue.

Hi Jeff, i know it’s been some time, but still - have you manage to convert your “Muse” site to a “Sparkle” one?

I did check your page source, but (if i’m not mistaken) it still seems to be a “Muse” generated site, am i right?

I am mainly interested if you managed the image gallery part of your site.


It also doesn’t totally line up on an iPad

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Thanks Chaya

Have not worked on this in a quite awhile. I did put an in progress re-creation Sparkle site up on a test site—still not iPhone compatible yet—which may work better on an iPad. See Jeffrey Stern Design / Production. Since I don’t have an iPad if you want to check that out to see if the same issue occurs that would be appreciated.

One of these days I will get back to this. But thanks for the heads up

I also have basically the same question. Trying to convert my Muse portfolio site into Sparkle but am running into some hurdles. Duncan/anyone: is there a way to separate the thumbnails from the gallery so I can use the thumbnail as a bigger display image that immediately launches into the gallery (at that image) when clicked?

I’m afraid the gallery has the constraints you see at the moment.