Portfoliosy - Minimal and Creative Portfolio Theme


I made a new minimal and creative portfolio theme is name called Portfoliosy.

Details and for more information



@macarna, I see you had a bit of fun! Well done! :slight_smile:

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Fantastic! Do you have a site address with all your themes for purchase?

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Nice! Are the hidden menu and the full screen menu mobile ready?

It can be done but I don’t think it will be useful. Hamburger menu more convenient for mobile.

Is it also possible to open the menu with a button?

Not for now, maybe in Sparkle v3.

Ok, but that means that visitors have to search for the menu. This certainly leads to a bad user experience.

My design is called the hidden menu. If you want to make a normal menu, you may not use mine.

You basically have a left “footer” on desktop. I’ve used this method a couple times. I like it because I hate when site designers overload the footer on every page. It’s redundant and wastes screen real estate. This method also keeps floating and static menus off of content. Lastly, instead of an About page, which on most sites is meaningless to the user, you have a concise introduction. Well done!

@Mart, on mobile there is a full menu in the footer. This technique works well when content is short, meaning a couple scrolls, and for making the user scroll through all the content to get to the menu.

Looking at the live demo on your site, on desktop and mobile the entire site is left justified. Is that intentional? Either way it’s an interesting effect. So on mobile what you have then is the background (what I call a scroll path) running down the right side that then opens to the menu footer, tying the footer into the rest of the site.

The web needs more of this type of creative design.

Thanks! I think the way users read and move through your site needs to be really clear to get across your key message and understand what the site is all about. On mobile the thumb is like the user’s mouse but with limitations. That’s why I believe that mobile menus belong to the bottom of the screen. The hamburger menu at the top is now hardly used, not even by desktop visitors.

@macarna: the link to “art gallery” theme appears to be broken.

Thanks @Tomki, I fixed…

it is still broken…

Thanks @Ton1949, I fixed again… :slight_smile: